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Bon Jovi, Because We Can Tour

An experience that lives through the music

2013 - World Tour

Bon Jovi's message visually translated with explosive and powerful images.

Performance Environment Design Group sought out Moment Factory’s expertise in projection mapping for the 2013 Jon Bon Jovi Because We Can World Tour. When we came on board, the process was literally in motion. The design concept, developed with Tait Towers, featured a moving set design with more than 70 kinetic components, including 40 hexagonal towers that are visible 360 degrees around the stage.

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We started by creating content to be mapped on the hexagonal towers, translating Bon Jovi’s message to fight for your freedom, your voice, and what you believe in to the visual realm with explosive and powerful images and sequences. In all, we conceived and produced more than 20 different animations for the show with direct artistic input from Bon Jovi.

Upon installation, the towers moved slower than we expected. This was an issue: for the experience to have an impact, content and motion would need to work in synergy. Reacting quickly in collaboration with Control Freak Systems (who developed software), we adjusted our content to fit, while the Avolites Media AI media server integrated the sculpture’s motion with the projection. What we built in the end is a show fitted with seamless and dynamic content at the programmers’ fingertips, able to be cued live. With the introduction of the Kinetic Sculpture, Bon Jovi fans took home the experience of a stage that lives through the music.

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