Beatles Revolution Lounge

Where Yellow Submarines Fly

2008 - Las Vegas

Dazzling, popping and psychedelic, fusing Beatle's spirit with Cirque du Soleil vision and new technologies to create a uniquely immersive multimedia lounge.

When Cirque du Soleil approached us about collaborating on the Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, we were thrilled to not only contribute our expertise in immersive multimedia environments and content creation to this exciting project, but also to partner with Cirque on their first foray into nightlife experiences. It goes without saying that the Beatles are a remarkable entity, having been a major influence on music-lovers for more than half a century. A bar created in their honor would have to evoke their unique spirit so that superfans recognize the experience as a truthful expression of the legendary group.

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Challenged with evoking The Beatles in an original way, we asked ourselves how the Beatles themselves might have wanted the bar to feel, then took the playful ideas that came out of that investigation and looked to our arsenal of digital technology. To bring these two worlds together, we turned to the psychedelic side of the Beatles for inspiration, including hallucinatory multi-sensory experiences that would dazzle visitors with colorful but subtle ambience. Because we were invited into the design process for the space, we could integrate light and video with raised 3D design elements to create optical effects that would make multimedia elements melt into sculptural design. We also created circular LED screens designed to resemble submarine portholes, fusing the physical and virtual into a seamless illusion.

Designing and creating content for a lounge bar experience where guests would stay for hours in a relaxed setting was another new challenge for us. Without a specified focal point in the entertainment or a leading pulse to follow as in a concert, the Revolution Lounge gave us the chance to open up our creative process once again in order to adapt it to the demands of a new context. Together with Cirque du Soleil, we created an innovative bar experience that is worthy of the group whose music and lives inspired it. For Beatles fans, The Revolution Lounge is the closest one can get to being fully immersed in the psychedelic imagination of their favorite band.