An augmented multiplayer experience

2022 - Montreal

Multimedia innovation powers life-sized, interactive games for groups of all ages.

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal turned to Moment Factory to create a bold new activation for its “I Love Working Downtown” initiative, designed to supercharge downtown Montréal. Our studio partnered with Ivanhoe Cambridge property management and YMCA Quebec to bring the project to life.

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Presented for the very first time, ARcade is an immersive and interactive gaming experience that combines motion detection, projection technology and traditional video game mechanics. In lieu of headsets or controllers, participants use their bodies to interact and engage. The experience features six unique games inspired by iconic ‘80s video arcade games. Projection mapping, lighting design, and responsive soundscapes transform almost any site into an ARcade, making the concept a versatile and easily-adaptable entertainment solution.

Inspired by a vision to bring people together through play and human connection, the experience marks a bold new step in augmented gaming. The result of several years of internal research, development and experimentation, ARcade seeks to reinvent video games, physical activities, and multimedia experiences alike.