Winter’s Dream is a new outdoor wintertime experience coming to the Adirondacks, in the village of Lake George, NY. At the Fort William Henry Historic Fortress, a playful winter world is brought to life through music, lights, projections, and interactive moments.

Created and produced by Moment Factory, and presented by Warren County Winter Coalition, Winter’s Dream is now open to the public through March 2024.

Designed for all ages, this immersive experience invites everyone into a dreamlike storyworld inspired by the natural beauty and magic of winter. This free-flow journey will take visitors through a series of multimedia installations, where lights, sounds, original music, and video content bring the sensations of the season to life in a new way.

As guests step inside the fort, vibrant light installations and lively original music set the stage for exploration. The site features five multimedia zones, each designed to evoke the warmth of winter and spark a sense of wonder. The central zone of the experience is an interactive cabin that comes to life as visitors throw balls at the walls to produce fantastical effects.

This innovative experience offers a fresh way for everyone to engage with the winter season, encouraging guests to discover and play within a dreamlike setting. Starting today December 8th, Winter’s Dream is an addition to the local winter offering, which aims to position Warren County as a leading wintertime destination in the region.

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