Onhwa’ Lumina is an enchanted night walk in Wendake, Québec. Inspired by the stories, rhythms, and symbols of the Wendat Nation, this experience carries visitors into a dreamlike multimedia universe.

At nightfall, along a 1.2-kilometre trail, visitors will be swept up in the magic of light, sound, and video projections. This immersive multimedia experience will plunge them into a group adventure steeped in emotion, bridging the founding myth and a promising and unifying future.

Onhwa’ Lumina is the culmination of nearly two years of tight-knit work with the Wendat Nation Council and the Wendake Tourist Office to craft a respectful, poetic, and enchanting experience.

“To inspire emotions and bring both people and peoples together – that is what the Onhwa’ Lumina night walk strives to do. We’re proud to promote the ancestral traditions and ways of life of the Wendat Nation while contributing to the vitality of the local economy in both Wendake and Québec City, where Moment Factory is launching a project for the first time.”

Éric Fournier, Partner and Executive Producer, Moment Factory

“Our ancestral values of respect for nature and balance between our economic activities and the community have motivated our unwavering support for this project of major importance for our tourism industry. This spotlight on part of our culture will showcase our Nation’s greatness.”

Rémy Vincent, Grand Chief of the Wendat Nation

“The land, or Nionwentsïo, of the Wendat people and their identity are inextricably linked. Together, they exert great appeal. Thanks to Onhwa’ Lumina, visitors from all over will discover a part of the soul of the Wendat Nation.”

Alain Authier, Executive Director, Wendake Tourist Office

Starting in summer 2022, visitors can begin enjoying the Onhwa’ Lumina enchanted night walk. Find out more and get tickets at