Starting this July, Moment Factory will showcase four immersive experiences as part of Anisipi, a new water-discovery route set in the region of Amos. This initiative led by Amos-Harricana Tourism in partnership with the community of Pikogan, will provide residents and visitors with an opportunity to explore the region’s iconic natural resource—water.

Anisipi—the Anicinape word for “pure water”—aims to raise public awareness about protecting this resource, through knowing and feeling.

At the invitation of the Town of Amos and Pikogan, Moment Factory has created four immersive experiences that celebrate water and the culture of the Anicinapek, whose identity is intimately bound to this glacier moulded region unlike any other. Set on the continental divide, each experience provides an opportunity to discover or renew with the region’s signature locations.

At Lake Beauchamp, visitors can delve into the glaciers’ legacy. In Pikogan, the Anicinapek—the people who walked on the water—share tales from their storied land. As for the experience set at the municipal well, it revolves around the underground course of one of the world’s purest water flows. Finally, at Refuge Pageau wildlife shelter, visitors are prompted to contemplate the boreal forest’s ecosystem and its intricate interface with water. At all four sites, the use of multimedia creates immersive, interactive, contemplative or entertaining moments, weaving a story of the water’s course through the land that aims to enlighten and inform.

In both its message and creative approach, the Anisipi project is a unifying force that brings together stakeholders in the local community and the Abitibiwinni First Nation.

“To develop a meaningful project honouring the land, the culture, and nature was of prime importance. A collaborative approach was not only essential—it allowed us to deploy a wealth of creativity,” says Pierre-Olivier Perron, producer, Moment Factory.

From July onwards, the public is welcome to explore the theme of water by discovering the four experiences crafted by Moment Factory and showcased as part of Anisipi. Find out more by visiting