From June 28, 2023 onward, the public can enjoy a new summer experience at Village Québécois d’Antan. This is the first phase of the “Step into History” project, presented by Desjardins, which marks the launch of a three-phase collaboration with Moment Factory.

For this daytime experience, Moment Factory is adding a touch of wonder to the Village with larger-than-life characters, surprising multimedia installations, interactive experiences, and inventive scenography, all tinged with a deeply Québécois sense of humour.

At the entrance to the Village, visitors of all ages pass through a time machine that propels them back to 1893, in a setting that is more vibrant than ever. Interactive maps enable them to catch up on the day’s news and gossip, as houses take on a life of their own, wall portraits come to life, and larger-than-life signs grace various building façades.

The villagers are also sure to leave their mark on visitors’ imagination. They include Léonard de Brind’scie, the village’s eccentric inventor,and his thousand and one machines (including one for inventing inventions), hatter Charlotte de Béret who invites visitors to try on her most beautiful creations before a marvellous mirror, and let’s not forget village photographer Paul Harold, who is just waiting to snap visitors’ portraits!

To create these moments of humour and wonder while preserving period authenticity, the teams at Moment Factory worked closely with historians at Village Québécois d’Antan.

“This collaboration is much more than a simple creative and technical challenge, because we’re paying tribute to a unique site and Québec’s heritage in broad daylight, bringing the Village to life and providing visitors with a different experience.”
Pierre-Olivier Perron, a producer at Moment Factory.

Every week from June 28 to September 4, 2023, from Wednesday to Sunday.

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