What was the first show (live concert experience) you were ever amazed by and why?

When I was 15, I was working at the coat check at an arena in Stockholm and I remember seeing Destiny’s Child and Marilyn Manson during the same week. DC amazed me with their flawless singing, choreography and lights, all perfectly timed. It felt very professional and so powerful. MM was owning the stage on huge stilts, it was darker, free and aggressive, but just as powerful. I remember thinking “f*ck, so much more than I could imagine goes into this”.

What do you hope your audience will feel when experiencing your new show?

I want them to feel like they’re a part of it, not only watching it. Like we’re all at a big emotional dance party together. With lights and visuals you really have the power to enhance whatever you want to bring out in the music, enhance emotions. It’s always so captivating when it’s done right!

How do you think this tour’s lighting & stage design improved your performance?

This stage design is a big step up from what I’ve had before, and it made me wanna challenge myself to give even more as a performer. I feel like we finally have a real show, a real whole experience. The lights enhance everything in the songs, even for me on stage, it makes me feel them and deliver them with extra emotion. I feel more powerful and vulnerable up there all at once, which I love!

To what extent do you interact with the technology on stage?

It’s important for me to feel free and spontaneous on stage, but there’s a few [key] moments/marks I love to hit cause it adds such an effect and you can feel the crowd reacting. I chose to see the technology as another instrument that moves with us. And I can interact with that kinda the same way I interact with my band in chosen moments.

What inspired you to work with Moment Factory?

I think what they do is incredible and very innovative. I fell in love with their LAB section haha, didn’t know you could do half the things they make. Their work is so artistic, I knew they’d be able to create that emotional, captivating journey I want my show to be.