A collection of experiments. An inspiration generator.

Because everything begins with curiosity, we built a digital lab dedicated to experiments. A space where designers, artists and tech lovers gather around embryonic ideas and experimental projects. A space to try, share, connect, inspire, fail, and learn from mistakes that spurr new creations.

The Moment Factory Lab is an invitation to exploration and inspiration. It is also a space on the the web that presents a collection of sketches, prototypes and ideas, all mixed together in no particular order.

Over the course of the postings, the Moment Factory lab becomes a sort of Cabinet of Curiosity for the digital age. During the Enlightenment, the Cabinet of Curiosity was a room full of fascinating finds. It was a place to encounter, exchange and discover. It housed a collection of unique objects whose disciplinary boundaries—chemistry, archaeology, zoology—weren’t yet defined.

Today, interactivity, storytelling, 3D animation, projection mapping, scenography—basically all of the disciplines central to our practice—are being reinvented. This transformation is the story that motivates the Moment Factory Lab; a media industry in deep transformation.

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GRiD: The first project incubated

by the Moment Factory Lab

Given this constant evolution, it seemed essential to dive even deeper into experimentation, and to use the Lab to incubate research and development projects, accelerating their development to maybe one day become full blown productions.

It’s the idea behind GRiD, the first project incubated by the Moment Factory Lab. We’re fascinated by the rapid evolution of the game industry and the potential of interactivity made possible by so many recent technologies. It’s why we wanted to explore the way people play together.

Inspired by the dynamism of arcade culture in the 1980s, GRiD imagines a future where social games and public space come together. Transposing the mechanics of classic games into public space, GRiD brings people together—strangers and friends—to discover new ways of playing together!

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