An enchanted night walk into a bright future

This week marks the opening of our 11th Lumina night walk, and we are thrilled to have worked with the Toronto Zoo to create a multimedia experience that brings the real and virtual worlds together to imagine a wondrous future.

After the animals have gone to sleep, guests are invited to step through a portal of light into the year 2099, where they will discover a new vision of the future. Throughout the winter, Terra Lumina takes visitors along a 1.5-kilometre multimedia night walk with lighting effects, video projection, and an original score.

Along their journey, a group of mystical characters encourages everyone to reflect on the human relationship to the animal kingdom. With a futuristic flare, each element is designed to inspire visitors to plant the seeds of change for a better future on planet Earth.

With Terra Lumina, our creative and technical teams shaped an enchanted world that shows how we can each make the impossible, possible. This is our third Lumina for a zoo, and we are proud to have created this impactful experience for a major Toronto attraction. We are also looking forward to expanding our presence within this city, notably with the opening of our new Toronto office in 2020.

To get your tickets, or to learn all about this new experience, visit the Terra Lumina website.