Learning about Japan through its food culture - an artistic digital interpretation of a culture where experimentation was key to the creative process.

The interactive experience TABEGAMI SAMA debuted today in an abandoned building in Tokyo. We are thrilled SONY JAPAN trusted Moment Factory to create our first project in Japan. Together with Sony, Kirinzi and Prism, we collaborated on the storytelling, the visitor experience, the content, the scenography as well as the interactive elements of the exhibit.

The exhibition focuses on Japanese food culture in an artistic, playful, educative and entertaining way. “The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God” features 4 digital installations created and produced by Moment Factory and adapted to the given environment. The interactive experience takes visitors on a journey across three main sections, leading the audience to their final culinary destination – the ephemeral restaurant. The result is a poetic interpretation of Japanese legends that have a strong relationship to the Japanese food culture.