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We’re excited to announce the opening of SuperReal, a surreal multimedia experience inside the 12,000 square foot grand hall of Cipriani 25 Broadway, an iconic architectural landmark in Downtown New York City. Co-produced with Cipriani, a global name in hospitality and events, SuperReal is a playful exploration of art and new technology, blurring the lines between reality and illusion to completely trick the senses.

This modern installation, set against a historical backdrop, is a 45-minute experience through a series of virtual realms that are nonsensical, grandiose, and mesmerizing. Seeking to highlight the building’s majestic interiors, our team created five unique environments, each with a distinct narrative—Imagination Pollination, Float Parade, These Walls, Here and There, and Alone Together.

From the 6,000 square foot mirrored floor to the 30-foot vaulted ceiling, the interior architecture has been digitally transformed through interactive visuals to transport visitors and inspire a collective sense of wonder and connection.

SuperReal is open to the public throughout August 2019. To get your tickets or to learn more, visit the SuperReal Website.