An inside look at the creation of this one-of-a-kind multimedia show

We are very excited to unveil Soul of the Ocean, a permanent multimedia show created by Moment Factory for Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s unique home-grown theme park and premier international resort destination. As part of their new nighttime entertainment experience, Gala of Lights, this 12-minute spectacle features a combination of original music, projection mapping, and surprising special effects, including flaming jets and dancing fountains, along with a performance by an international cast of 20 artists. The show’s action-packed choreography, created in collaboration with Montreal’s own The 7 Fingers, brings together athletic parkour, synchronized dancing, and thrilling acrobatics.

In this one-of-a-kind show, the audience meets ANIMO, an ancient spirit who awakens at night in the heart of the park, as the mysterious Lagoon keepers dance with water and play with light during their nightly rituals. This story shines a spotlight on the relationship between man and nature and the role we get to play as humans, taking care of our planet and all its wonders.

Creating ANIMO, a character that embodies the spirit of Ocean Park

This site-specific production took its main inspiration from the complex shape of the Aquarium building, which became the projection surface for the character ANIMO.

While it is highly unconventional to turn an entire structure of this size into a giant animated character, our talented creative team was enthusiastic to take up the challenge”, says Melissa Weigel, Creative Director at Moment Factory.

ANIMO appears in various forms throughout the show, revealing herself first as a bird, then transforming into a reptile, a school of fish and even a fire. To make these different aspects come to life, each texture, from scales to feathers, was intricately woven into the projected content. Innovative 3D animation techniques were used to make sure every facial expression produced narrative and emotional impact.

A large scale collaboration across the globe

As content was produced for the most part in our Montreal studio, we had to ensure creative coherence and technical perfection at a distance. A VR system was used, so that our content team could visualize their work remotely and a 3D model of the Aquarium and Lagoon was created so that all content could be projected on a small scale. Choreography and stage design workshops took place at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium with the 7 Fingers team in order to recreate the Lagoon stage to scale. Finally, the show’s original music was composed and recorded in Montreal with an orchestra of 20 musicians directed by our friends at Troublemakers.

A complex creative venture that drew on the best of our expertises

In addition to Soul of the Ocean, Moment Factory created Visions of Hong Kong, a 6-minute multimedia fountain show featuring dreamy landscapes inspired by local natural and urban environments.

To ensure an unforgettable audience experience, we relied heavily on our technical expertise, overseeing a complete redesign of the Lagoon area. A fountain by day, this unique space is now capable of becoming a full stage venue equipped for 360-degree experiences, immersive special effects and a multimedia fountain system.

Bringing acrobats onto a stage full of water is quite a challenge and took months of testing and prototyping”, says Michel Granger, producer at Moment Factory.

This collaboration marks a significant venture for Moment Factory in Hong Kong. We hope that ANIMO and her many friends will delight audiences with humour and surprise and leave everyone with a feeling of wonder and awe.