Following last December’s preview, Moment Factory is now unveiling a new heritage showcase project – Soissons en Lumières – a Multi-site Illuminated tour through the very core of this historic town.

The town of Soissons called on Moment Factory, in partnership with ETC Audiovisuel, to create a night-time experience that highlights the richness of its heritage and, by transforming public spaces, offers a new way of discovering the town and its attractions.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the historic town centre by means of a luminescent showcase comprising five iconic monuments, including the former abbey of Saint-Léger and the church of Saint-Pierre. As these locations come to life, they reveal the creative genius of Soissons, embodied by five characters from various eras. Through a free web app, these characters deliver moving testimonies to guide visitors from one monument to the next, adding the allure of storytelling to the experience. As each site is a possible start point, spectators may elect to explore everything in depth, with or without narration, or wander freely.

Soissons en Lumières relates events big and small in the life of the town, revealing its rich history and its architectural and cultural heritage. Storytelling and multimedia come together in an effort to reconnect visitors with the splendour of their surroundings and with local culture. “Cultural icons and monuments are more than just a part of the local legacy: they are the result of a valuable cultural heritage, human ingenuity, and ancestral traditions,” says Jean-Baptiste Hardoin, Creative Director, Moment Factory. That is why Moment Factory strives to enable the (re)discovery of these locations, by designing meaningful experiences that reveal their beauty and history. Consider, as an example, the Aura series, whose latest experience is set to be launched this winter at Les Invalides in Paris. Aura transforms heritage sites into richly textured and moving immersive experiences. These innovative realms are deployed to create moments of connection with a location and among visitors.

Discover or rediscover the town of Soissons and its rich heritage from May to January, at nightfall. To find out more, visit