The second chapter of Regalia finally opens to the public, inviting audiences to take part in a collective experience honoring the legacy of Reims heritage.

Following the success of the first part of the show, “The King’s Coronation Day”, unveiled to the public in 2019 at the Reims Cathedral and honoured at the most recent CODAawards, audiences are finally invited to discover the second part of Regalia, with “The Night of Celebration” at the Saint-Remi basilica.

Fully designed and operated by our Paris-based studio, this second Regalia show section allows us to showcase and unite two historic buildings, both featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  

A unified show narrative that connects both sites 

In the second chapter of the story, visitors are invited to discover a world of celebration and extravagance, where the whole city is invited, champagne flows across the Basilica façade and the architecture is transformed through hallucinatory and trance-like visions. 

Combining the show’s singular aesthetic with a soundtrack by Reims composer Guillaume Brière a strong narrative link is created between both parts of the show. The sites are further connected by the appearance of a dove carrying the Holy Ampulla, flying from one site to the other, officiating the crowning of a new king. 

Sparking engagement, thanks to smartphones 

Just like at the Cathedral, visitors are invited to participate on their mobile in a fun and educative experience right before the show at the Basilica, this time, inspired by the story of the Holy Ampulla. 

The Story of the Holy Ampulla

During the baptism of Clovis, a dove was said to have left an ampule of holy oil in the hands of Saint Remi. In memory of this miracle, for more than 1,000 years, Reims became the city of the King’s coronation. The morning of a King’s coronation, four Knights accompanied the Abbey of Saint Remi and would escort the Holy Ampulla to the Cathedral, the site of the King’s coronation. After the ceremony, they would have the mission to return the relic to Saint-Remi.

Guided by clues projected onto the West façade, participants can follow through with the knights’ mission, by symbolically placing the sacred oil within the Holy Ampulla at the Basilica.

Reconnecting with public spaces

Regalia is more than a sound and light show; it is an experience where visitors come together to play a collective role in the show’s storytelling. Commissioned by the city of Reims, this ambitious project is all the more relevant and essential within our current context. 

According to Jean-Baptiste Hardoin, Creative Director with Moment Factory, “Our hope for Regalia is that it will allow people to experience a moment of collective wonder, and to reconnect with this heritage, at the heart of an important site.”