Oriens Lumina, the 16th experience in Moment Factory’s Lumina enchanted night walk series, opens in Shanghai.

Interdisciplinary content production company Dengyu Culture enlisted Moment Factory to create an immersive multimedia experience on the grounds of the Nine Trees Future Art Centre, in Shanghai’s suburban Fengxian district. The outdoor entertainment offering carefully weaves lighting, projection, music, and interactivity to magnify the wonders of the natural surroundings.

Come nightfall, visitors will venture through a surreal multimedia-infused forest, where they will witness the return of its lost light. Ushered along winding paths and through five mysterious realms, visitors will encounter different energy sources — water, wood, fire, metal, and earth — and some unexpected phenomena along the way.

Inspired by elements of ancient Chinese mythology and longstanding Fengxian traditions, Oriens Lumina’s original storyline was developed in-house with consultation from local experts. Like the narrative itself, Moment Factory’s remote design and installation of the experience during the pandemic was a collaborative effort with a local team on-site. The result is a multisensory expedition that sparks the imagination, serves as a nighttime counterpart to the art centre’s offering, and marks Lumina enchanted night walks’ first foray into the Chinese market.