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Moment Factory and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art welcome the return of North Forest Lights, a celebrated outdoor digital art exhibit experienced by more than 108,000 visitors during its three-and-half months on display last year.

Kicking-off its sophomore year on September 4th, North Forest Lights invites visitors back for an extended season to experience a curated collection of nighttime multimedia art installations crafted by Moment Factory’s in-house artist collective.

Representing the limitless possibilities of artainment, Moment Factory has developed an innovative new signature experience that elevates the beauty of nature by transforming sites into immersive art exhibits, offering endless participatory and Instagenic opportunities.

At North Forest Lights, nature is the ultimate canvas; five larger-than-life artworks incorporate dynamic light, interactive elements and soundscapes to bring the spirit of the North Forest to life. The seamless integration of technology and nature generates bold creative expressions that connect humans with nature in entertaining and profound new ways.

A family-friendly, free-flowing, open-air journey, the exhibit offers an immersive and multisensorial experience promising wonderful moments of discovery and amazement.

Having made an incredible impact in its first year, Moment Factory was honored with the mondo*dr “Americas Award” for its achievement in Parks and Attractions.

North Forest Lights is open in the evenings from Friday to Sunday beginning September 4th and follows enhanced safety measures.

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