Along the North Forest trail, visitors discover a series of immersive light and sound installations that show the hidden language of nature.

Moment Factory is thrilled to unveil our first outdoor digital art exhibit, a collaboration with the curatorial team of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. North Forest Lights is a series of installations located along a forest trail on the museum’s grounds. Activated at night, this experience uses immersive sound design, nature-inspired scenography, and a palette of rich colours to reveal the hidden language of the woods.

This project drew on our existing toolkit of digital and interactive media to create a new kind of experience that combines a highly artistic approach with an all-ages, entertainment-driven production. In creating the experience, our goal was to reimagine the way that people interact with natural settings, while working within a museum context.

The five installations were designed to create different levels of engagement. For example, the immersive and otherworldly “Forest Frequencies” surrounds everyone in an orchestra of locally inspired harmonies and dynamic LED, while the interactive and fun, “Whispering Tree” invites visitors to sing to a great oak, who shows them the unique colour of their voices.

We were proud to align with Crystal Bridges’ mission of bringing art to diverse audiences while highlighting the museum’s unique Ozark landscape, and we have relished the opportunity to bring Moment Factory’s vision of meaningful collective amazement to this cultural institution.