Moment Factory is thrilled to meet friends and fellow creators at this year’s South by Southwest® Festival! If you are attending SXSW® in March 2017, don’t miss Moment Factory as we take the stage and invite you to join us in exploring the frontiers of entertainment and place-making :

– March, 11

Amahl Hazelton will join Christian Gaines from ArtPrize, and Heather Deal from the City of Vancouver, along with host Kim Cook from Burning Man to tackle the role of art in human experience. Art installations and immersive experiences are transforming our urban environments. This panel will explore the convergence of creative content, participative processes, and civic infrastructure.

The Future of Creation and Audience Engagement, presented by C2 Montreal

– March, 13

What will creation and audience engagement look like within the immersive digital revolution? Jean-François Larouche, director of the interactive team at Moment Factory, will join Jean-François Bouchard, Sid Lee, Anthony Palermo, Connect&GO, Myriam Achard, Phi Centre and Vincent Leclerc, Pixmob to discuss the early stages of the immersive digital revolution.

– March, 14

Moment Factory co-founder and Executive Creative Director Sakchin Bessette will share their vision of how to get digital media off the screen and out into the real world where we can enjoy it with others. Join our session as we chart a path into new formats of “augmented” entertainment and reveal how we’re making it real with our Lumina night walk experiences.