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It’s our nature to experiment, to learn through play, to change and be changed.

Every summer at Moment Factory, for one weekend in late August, we escape the city to camp together, reflect on the year so far and prepare for the winter ahead. The Camping is a special project we do for ourselves and for our own community as a way of sustaining our creative culture.

This year’s theme was transformation, which goes to the core of our creation process. We are by nature in a state of transformation, our experiences and our thoughts shaped by the world around us. We create through collaboration, by sharing our unique perspectives and contributing our ideas and talents with humility and passion. And through our creative process, we ourselves are transformed.

A field trip for the perpetual school of infinite amazement

For a few weeks, we moved our experimentation lab in the forest. There, we envisioned new forms of entertainment. We experimented, we took risks, we failed and we tried again. The creative chaos was an opportunity to prototype in real-time and to forge new deeper bonds between curious minds.

Five distinct ‘ministries’ formed the festival ecosystem, each with their own moment to shine. The Ministry of Hospitality welcomed guests with a radio station, initiation rituals and a home base. The ministry of Play offered entertaining gameplay throughout the weekend. The Ministry of Pleasure delivered nourishing food experiences based around giving and sharing. The Ministry of Far Out added an otherworldly dimension to kick off the night’s activities. The Ministry of Moonlight delivered an unforgettable party.
Back in Montreal, a month later we can still feel the goosebumps, and the creative tools we developed will undoubtedly inspire our future projects.

Special thanks to

Holy Fuck, Sofi Tukker, Beyries, DJ D, A-Rock, Johnny Ranger, Mountain Musik, Gabriel Asselien, Florian Grond (CIRMMT), Romain Dumoulin (CIRMMT), Wes Rozen (Situ Studio NY), Sara Brunelle & Erica Quigley (Heyday Collaborative), Ils en Fument Du Bon, La Face Cachée de la Pomme, Restaurant le Bon Vivant, Riviera, Omnison, Pixmob, SF Marketing, Intellimix


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