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Summer 2021 welcomes the return of the successful and celebrated series.

Moment Factory proudly announces the summer season for Lumina Enchanted Night Walks, its universally-acclaimed and revenue-generating series. 

Enhancing nature

Lumina Enchanted Night Walks enhance outdoor natural sites through innovative and artful multimedia transformations that attract visitors of all ages to rediscover nature.

Lumina night walks elevate sites around the world, including Foresta Lumina’s trail through the forest of Coaticook, Alta Lumina’s pathway deep within the heart of the French Alps, Nova Lumina’s seaside walkway across Chandler, Rainforest Lumina’s route through the Singapore Zoo, and even Island Lumina’s passage through a Japanese island. Lumina experiences repurpose sites allowing them to increase their operational hours beyond sundown, extend their seasons, and reposition regions as tourism destinations.

Repurposings include the extension of zoo operating hours at Terra Lumina and Rainforest Lumina, and the establishment of off-season attractions at ski resorts for Vallea Lumina and Alta Lumina.

Telling stories

Each unique Lumina night walk is crafted to reflect a site’s natural beauty, and to embody histories, cultures, and legacies that speak to guests of all ages and backgrounds.

Examples of Lumina narratives that draw from local sites, regional heritage, and ancient mythology include Kamuy Lumina’s embrace of Japan’s Ainu storytelling, Tonga Lumina’s treatment of local Quebec legends, and Terra Lumina’s interpretation of the Toronto Zoo’s mission of conservation.

Additionally, Lumina night walks can be operational in the summer, winter, or year-round. Lumina Enchanted Night Walks also help to create employment opportunities, as well as economic offsets across local industries such as hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Safely reconnecting visitors

Lumina night walks allow for safe visitor experiences that promote exploring the outdoors. Allowing for physical distancing and touch-less interactivity, these engaging experiences encourage visitors to safely come together, reconnect with regions and one another.

Since Lumina Enchanted Night Walks were recognized as safe outdoor activities, they were even more attractive to visitors, resulting in a 2020 season that surpassed forecasted ticket sales.

Bright summer season

This upcoming summer season, Lumina Enchanted Night Walks can be experienced across the globe, in Canada, Japan, France, and Singapore.

Every Lumina Night Walk promises a wholly original experience:

Foresta Lumina
Nova Lumina
Tonga Lumina
Island Lumina
Rainforest Lumina
Vallea Lumina
Kamuy Lumina
Terra Lumina
Alta Lumina
Oceana Lumina

As summer approaches, Lumina Night Walks welcome you to encounter their magic, all season long.