The opening ceremony on the banks of Japan’s Lake Akan was a beautiful and humbling celebration of the collaboration that led to our latest Lumina Night Walk Experience.

Inspired by local Ainu philosophy, for this Lumina Night Walk we worked harder than ever to create an experience that coexists with nature, and minimizes impact on the surrounding environment. We decided to put multimedia in the hands of each visitor, rather than only in the forest. But to meet this challenge we had to create new technology.

Over a year of R&D resulted in the Rhythm Staff that each visitor carries with them throughout their journey, allowing them to light their path, and even interact with the story. Captivating rhythms, characters’ voices and ancient wisdom are brought to life for a new generation through this custom storytelling technology. But most important of all, this new technology disappears from the forest when not in use.

Experience Kamuy Lumina for yourself through October 2019. To get your tickets, or to learn all about this new world in Akan National Park, visit the Kamuy Lumina Website.

Moment Factory による 記念すべき10作品目の体験型ナイトウォーク、Kamuy Lumina(カムイ ルミナ)が北海道 阿寒湖にオープン

Moment Factoryの記念すべき10作品目の体験型ナイトウォーク、カムイ ルミナがついにオープンを迎えました。



カムイルミナは本年11月まで開催しています。是非ご自身で体験してください。 チケットのご購入、阿寒摩周国立公園における Lumina 最新作につきましては、こちらを参照ください。 Kamuy Lumina Website