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With the opening of Kamuy Lumina, Moment Factory turns a page in the Lumina Night Walk collection of stories. A unique engagement with Hokkaido’s Ainu storytelling tradition, this Lumina night walk allows visitors to experience the forest in a new way, yet from an ancient perspective .

Taking its name from the spirits that inhabit the forest in Ainu legend—the Kamuy—this multimedia journey immerses visitors in a magical forest world. Drawing inspiration from the Ainu tradition of Yukar songs—where rhythm is kept by tapping along with a stick—visitors will be able to take part in a musical journey through the forest.

The story is inspired by the Yukar “Owl & Jaybird” in which the Owl seeks a messenger to help him save humans from their folly. Owl & Jaybird’s captivating rhythm, endearing characters and ancient wisdom are brought to life for a new generation through immersive multimedia, seamlessly embedded in the forest along the shores of Lake Akan.

Over a year of research, development and tireless work went into crafting Kamuy Lumina into a unique interactive experience. The team worked in collaboration with the people of Lake Akan and the Akan Adventure Tourism Co., and is thrilled to finally be bringing this unique storyworld to the public on July 5, 2019. Get ready to follow the Jaybird and the Owl god on their quest! All it takes is a little rhythm!

To get your tickets, or to learn all about this new world in Akan National Park, visit the Kamuy Lumina Website .

The story of the Ainu, drawn into the mysterious world created by multimedia and revived in the nature of Hokkaido.

Moment Factory’s proud outdoor multimedia experience, the Lumina series. Kamuy Lumina joins the Monogatari Collection, and it will finally open in Hokkaido. His Lumina night walk, which was completed based on the traditions of the Ainu people, made it possible to walk through a new forest in an ancient worldview.

Kamui is the Ainu word for the gods who live in the world of living things. Set in a mysterious forest where kamuy exists, visitors are drawn into the world of the story. The key to the composition of the story is the epic poem “Yukara”, which has been handed down orally in verses and verses while being beaten with sticks and sticks. Let’s go on an adventure journey while taking the rhythm in the forest.

To get started, Kamuy Lumina was inspired by ‘Yukara’, which was ‘a story of an owl and a jay’. This is the story of an owl, the guardian deity of a village, who searches for a messenger to deliver a message on his behalf in order to save humans from starvation. The mystical rhythms, lovable characters and age-old teachings of “The Tale of the Owl and the Jay.” The story of the Ainu is revived in a new form through multimedia hidden in the forest that colors Lake Akan.

We spent more than a year researching, developing and working tirelessly. He has created an unprecedented multimedia experience with Kamuy Lumina that works in conjunction with various equipment. Kamuy Lumina will finally open on July 5th this year. Let’s go on an adventure with the guardian owl and jay. It’s up to you to advance the story with a little rhythm!

For information on purchasing tickets and the latest Lumina work at Akan-Mashu National Park, please click here. Kamuy Lumina Website