This spring, Moment Factory was invited by iconic theme park Dollywood to install a multimedia experience that immerses visitors in a world of nature and music, inspired by legendary country artist Dolly Parton.

Each year, the park, located in the Great Smoky Mountains, launches its season with the Flower & Food festival. For a special, all-new addition to their offering, Moment Factory delivered an interactive feature that invites visitors to play with digital butterflies. These whimsical creatures have always been special to Dolly Parton, throughout her life and career, and serve as an important symbol throughout the park.

This garden-themed multimedia room allows guests of all ages to engage and participate, as well as interact with a group of playful butterflies.

The installation relied on techniques developed as part of Moment Factory’s robust R&D. By incorporating the branding elements such as art direction and Dolly Parton’s music, the experience was seamlessly integrated into the park itself, and into the Flower & Food festival.

We were thrilled to see the positive reception, with nearly 65,000 visitors participating in the experience, and we are proud to have brought our expertise in interactive visitor engagement to this iconic, award-winning park.

Photo Credits: Dollywood