For more than a year Moment Factory has been exploring new forms of entertainment in collaboration with the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group. We are proud to announce that Rainforest Lumina, a world-class multimedia night walk, will open its doors this week at the Singapore Zoo.

In the world of Rainforest Lumina, nature thrives under the care of the Creature Crew, a local group of quirky characters who pitch in to give back to the rainforest. Each member of the Creature Crew has special skills, and anyone is invited to join their adventure. Audiences begin their interactive journey by identifying a virtue to guide them such as passion, generosity, or perseverance. Then they embark on a path of discovery and enchantment as nature blooms with luminous wonder around them.

The vision for Lumina Night Walks is to fuse nature’s exceptional landscapes, local lore and multimedia magic to craft an immersive story universe. Lumina Night Walks frequently offer the site a new attraction as well as welcomes new visitors.

The Lumina family of experiences has been growing strong since 2014 when we first launched Foresta Lumina in Coaticook, Quebec. Foresta Lumina saw unanticipated success and continues to sell out, now in its 5th year running. Over the years we have added new chapters and surprises, deepening the story and enhancing the experience. The project itself began as a request to light up a footbridge, but our team worked to convince park officials of the potential for something much greater given the site’s remarkable beauty. Now with five night walks in Canada, Island Lumina in Japan, and Rainforest Lumina in Singapore, we are thrilled to share our passion for immersive storytelling with a worldwide audience.

Singapore has been fertile ground for Moment Factory projects as of late. In 2017 we collaborated with Changi Airport Group on the content for their new Terminal 4 LED media features. Designed to delight travelers in departure areas, the features are disguised in the architectural environment by expertly crafted digital optical illusions until they spring to life with animation. Then a pre-programmed selection of content capsules, from surreal vistas to sparks of cinematic action, entertain travelers with an authentic expression of Singapore’s culture and landmarks.

We are pleased to finally welcome the public to the results of our newest collaboration with the Singapore Zoo. Rainforest Lumina shares a profound connection with the zoo’s mission, a connection best expressed by the Creature Crew’s motto: “We are one.”