The Paris hotel invites guests to discover a unique, immersive multimedia experience.

The Grand Magic Hotel is the culmination of over two years of collaboration between Moment Factory and Schroders, who came together to reinvent the global investment manager’s recently acquired, Paris-based hotel by providing the establishment with a new identity.

The hotel’s multimedia transformation was inspired by Moment Factory’s work in themed attractions, and a goal of using multimedia to complement and enhance the hotel’s practical functions.

In order to create ambiant and dynamic environments that form an immersive storyworld, Moment Factory integrated interior design, lighting, technology and digital content to the newly reimagined hotel space.

The Grand Magic Hotel experience begins the moment guests pass through its ever-changing revolving door and step inside an environment filled with architectural effects, illusions and show moments.

The hotel’s main attraction is The Grand Hall, a gathering place that evolves throughout the day, and reaches the height of its transformative powers come nightfall.

Multimedia content transforms The Grand Hall into four unique worlds for guests to explore: a living garden landscape, an enchanted forest come nightfall, a majestic underwater world, and an ethereal wonderland high above the clouds.

The Grand Magic Hotel is now welcoming guests. More information can be found on the hotel’s official website.

Discover the project in video.