Destination Sherbrooke has teamed up with Moment Factory to create a wintertime multimedia activity designed to enhance public space downtown, bringing people together in an enchanting, light-filled atmosphere.

Étincelles is a free activity at Jacques Cartier Park in Sherbrooke, part of the city’s holiday programming. Residents and visitors to the region are encouraged to be part of a fun and engaging activity.

The Étincelles experience involves a series of outdoor ball games that will please the young and the young at heart. Thanks to local restaurants owners, visitors will be able to take a tasty break from the fun. The entire experience will unfold in a light-filled ambiance that evokes the magic of the holidays.

Together Again, at Last
After a year  of uncertainty which altered our day-to-day interactions, we wanted to create an experience that will inject life back into public space, providing opportunities to gather and bond through shared moments of wonder and emotion. It’s an approach that lies at the heart of Moment Factory’s philosophy.

Local Collaboration with children
The unifying canvas of this project allowed the inclusion of local talent in the creative process. Children aged 10–12 were invited to participate in a drawing activity to flesh out the event’s characters: a group of friends who decide to light up their city during the holidays, transforming it into a holiday destination. 18 classes submitted more than 300 drawings, which will be showcased in the multimedia experience; a fun initiative to instill a sense of pride and community to the experience.

The drawings below were done by Lysandre Cormier, Aurélie Beaulieu, Laurie Giguère, Charlottte Caron, Anaëlle Dion Charbonneau et Lilas Hotte.