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In the summer of 2020, we shifted part of our studio into the woods… where we can use a new set of tools to innovate and experiment in the midst of nature – an inspiring playground for creating immersive experiences that bring people together.

“This is an incredible place with features similar to various natural settings around the world,” says Gabriel Pontbriand, Creative Director. “When developing Lumina night walks, the lake, trails and forest provide a wealth of creative and technical inspiration.”

This Lab helps us expand what we know about the interaction between multimedia and nature. It’s also fertile ground for all forms of exploration. Audio spatialization, light games, video projection – our teams embrace creative research and leverage their learnings to push the boundaries and drive technological advances to amazing new heights.

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A special thank-you to The Barr Brothers for their song Half Crazy – played in this video – and for their contribution to the sound explorations at our Forest Lab.