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At Moment Factory, we have fun—even more fun when we get involved in a good cause! For this year’s participation in Centraide of Greater Montreal’s donation campaign, we decided to really go for it, with 16 activities organized over 5 weeks throughout November and December 2018.

Supporting meaningful causes is an important part of what we do. As Éric Fournier, one of the studio’s three partners, put it: “We are located next to one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Canada: Park-Extension. So we have a role to play in this community.

Thanks to the innovation and organization of Factory members, we raised money with everything from themed breakfasts to a video game tournament to pop-up shops to special performances, that all happened throughout the most festive time of year.

What originally started as a simple collection among employees, has become a real individual and group commitment that allowed us to collect $28 727 for Centraide of Greater Montreal this year.