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Returning after a two-year pause, Moment Factory Camping is an annual weekend gathering where the studio’s employees– along with their families and friends–  are transported into an ephemeral world.

Inspired by the theme ‘lost world’, guests set off into the wilderness to uncover the secrets of forgotten clans. The essence of the Fire Keepers, Whisperers of the Woods and Shapeshifters illuminated the night and created unforgettable memories.

Creation, Craft and Collaboration

Moment Factory Camping is not only an occasion to celebrate with colleagues and meet new people–  it’s an opportunity to create and innovate. Our employees have been contributing to Camping’s success since its first inception. This year, more than 50 of our employees contributed to the creation and construction of the event. The process took many months of preparation, during which employees collaborated on new ideas, explored different fields of expertise and got out of their comfort zones. For us, ‘camping’ is synonymous with ‘cooperation’. The Factory joined forces to create the most anticipated event of the year.

Camping is also an occasion to test out the latest technologies. As the world of artificial intelligence continues to develop, we considered Camping the perfect opportunity to embrace the possibilities of AI for the creation of our event’s narrative, descriptions of each clan and even their visual identities. We developed our narrative using OpenAI and created visual mood boards of our ‘lost world’ using the Midjourney tool.

Discovering the Forgotten Clans

Like previous years, guests were encouraged to create a costume inspired by the event’s theme. After filling out a playful questionnaire, campers were assigned to one of three clans: the Fire Keepers, the Whisperers of the Woods and the Shapeshifters. Who are these mystical beings?

The Fire Keepers use their magic for various purposes including cooking, heating and lighting. They are known for harnessing their fire to create magnificent works of art.

The Whisperers of the Woods control nature with their minds, and are able to make plants blossom through a single thought. They are a peaceful clan who use their powers to help others and make the world a better place.

The Shapeshifters use their powers to travel at lightspeed, hunt for food and spy on their enemies. They are known for changing their appearance in order to blend in with their surroundings.

A Day for the Little Ones (and the Big Ones Too!) 

Upon entering the Lost World, guests are invited to take part in various missions, from the physical, to the creative, to the ‘plain ol’ fun’. On site, a welcoming costume designer helps guests complete their outfit, while makeup artists from Fées D’Artifices elevate their looks with transformational face paint. All of these activities are set to the enchanting sounds of our three DJs: Multimedia Director Declan O’Mara, Senior Designer Basile Buisson and Random Recipe musician Fab.

Rhythms of the Night

Moment Factory camping simply wouldn’t exist without music. From all hours of the day (and night!), the campsite’s vast greenspaces were swirling with the electro sounds and groovy pop stylings of our invited artists.

This year, two venue zones were created: Moonlight, a forest terrain home to three stages kicked off the first portion of the night, while Far Out, a hilltop open air dance club, welcomed guests to party into the early hours of the morning.

The night started at Moonlight with performances by Boogát, a Mexican-Canadian artist whose mix of hip-hop and latin music creates a unique and colorful musical style, Nomadic Massive, a collective of musical artists who use song and rap to tackle political and social issues that impact our world, and Hologramme, a composer and producer of dreamy music inspired by genres of new wave, electro pop and soundscapes.

At the strike of midnight, partygoers made their way to Far Out, where they danced all night to the captivating electro-latin rhythms of DJ ARock, the disco-tinted house music of Thomas H, and the classic party music of Julian Prince.

Come sunrise, Declan O’Mara helped ring in the end of the magical weekend in the style that it first began.

Celebrating in Style

For 10 years now, Camping has captured Moment Factory’s mission, vision and values. The event is founded on coming together to create an ephemeral, extraordinary,  eco-friendly world that disappears at the end of the weekend. The memories created remain in the collective memory forever. After two years of absence, we thank the Lost World for bringing us back together!