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Each summer, our employees, their family and friends come together at the Moment Factory Camping Trip to enjoy an ephemeral, magical weekend.

For last year’s trip, inspired by the SOLARPUNK theme, we became the People of the Stars. We transported ourselves to an optimistic future, where nature and humans are reconciled. A world where cooperation, inclusion and self-realization lead to a search for balance and unbridled creativity.

Coming together, stimulating creation

The Moment Factory Camping Trip is the perfect incubator for our research and creation projects. We gave ourselves two challenges: to organize a big game inspired by live action role play and to adopt an eco-friendly approach. These two challenges had to fit seamlessly into the spirit of celebration, sharing and inspiration that make our Camping Trip one of the most anticipated events for our employees and collaborators.

The People of the Stars

Each participant was asked to invent an imaginary character to bring to life the SOLARPUNK universe and join a Constellation: Tucana, Delphinus, Draco or Lupus. On the day of the event, the four Constellations were invited to compete in a big Tournament made up of creative and physical challenges, games and missions. After a gourmet feast, followed by a lantern procession in the forest, the winning Constellation—Draco—was celebrated in the moonlight by the Lord of Moonlight in an explosion of music, light and bonfires.

Music at heart

Music is part of our identity, and the Camping Trip is no exception. Each moment of the day (and the night!) was set to the rhythm of talented musicians.

During the day, it was with Tupi Collective and its tropical groove, Mark Mahoney and his folk ballads on acoustic guitar, and Geoffroy with Clément Leduc and their lively DJ set.

In the evening, we had the pleasure of attending the performances of Clay and Friends, a Montréal group with hip hop, reggae, soul and funk influences, TEKE::TEKE, with accents of Japanese psychedelic surf rock, and LaF, a Francophone rap group.

The night went on until sunrise with the captivating afro-beat of Bonbon Kojak , the surprise DJ set by Win Butler—aka DJ Windows 98—the supercharged set by DJ Karaba , then the sounds of Renart Aupynel, Esther Côté and Skinny Leigh.

An eco-friendly event

We wanted to challenge ourselves to organize the greenest event possible. Committed to leaving as little trace as possible on the site, the entire organization of the campsite was designed to minimize our waste, and we eliminated all single-use plastic. The event’s decor was designed to recycle and reuse existing equipment, create recycled wood structures and invest in equipment that can be reused in following years.