This Saturday, October 24th at 6pm EDT, Billie Eilish will perform live for her fans with WHERE DO WE GO? THE LIVESTREAM—a fully immersive virtual experience.

This unique live show uses Extended Reality (XR), an umbrella term for all existing immersive technologies that merge physical and virtual worlds, enhancing the performance with a digital environment that evolves in real-time. Music fans from all over the world will be brought together and transported from their homes into Billie’s world as she performs a live set with her brother Finneas, as well as drummer Andrew Marshall.

Moment Factory collaborated with Billie Eilish and her team on the creative direction of the show, developing immersive visual content that brings the universe of her album to life. Our team worked with LA-based XR Studios to make this innovative performance reality.

THE LIVESTREAM is a reimagined version of the recently halted WHERE DO WE GO? 2020 arena world tour, drawing inspiration from the creative direction co-developed by Moment Factory and Billie Eilish. This online experience reconnects Billie Eilish to her fans as the entire music industry seeks new ways to preserve the magic of live performance.

Proceeds from the sale of certain Billie Eilish merchandise items will benefit Crew Nation, a support fund set up to help live music production staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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