Highlighting the architectural heritage at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica with AURA, a luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica.

Enter Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica, and you will feel the safety of its sanctuary, the power of its history, and the inspiration from its architectural beauty. The space has its own presence. We wanted to amplify these feelings, to glorify and reveal the basilica’s majesty with light, sound, and effects.

Part 1: Visitors are invited to discover a new way to live an experience by physically exploring, walking around, and following their curiosity. This is a time to slow down, to disconnect from the outside world, and to connect with the space, and let the basilica take over the senses. We call this: active spectatorship.

Part 2: Sitting down, visitors enjoy a series of visual transformations composed of video mapping, projections, lasers, light and special effects. Golden particles evoke the basilica’s energy in constant transformation, whispers suggest echoes of its past, its heartbeat flashes as a pulse of light racing across the arches. The basilica is revealing itself through a sensorial language.

Everyone will experience something different, will connect with the basilica through their own eyes and senses. AURA inspires a feeling.