The 17th immersive multimedia experience in the Lumina Enchanted Night Walk Series and 2nd in the United States will open at the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes in December 2022.

Moment Factory is teaming up with Fever, the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform, to present Astra Lumina Los Angeles, an enchanted night walk amongst the stars.

Through projections, lighting and original soundscape, the South Coast Botanic Garden will be transformed into an immersive outdoor, multimedia world that awakens the imagination and where guests are guided on an illuminated nature pathway.

What is Astra Lumina Los Angeles?

From our earliest years, we’ve been told to reach for the stars, but what if the stars could reach for us? Astra Lumina welcomes you to an extraordinary place, a garden here on earth that shares a special connection with the sky above. Come nightfall, the garden sets the stage for a phenomenal event: a visit from the stars.

This stellar journey invites stargazers to set off across the garden’s celestial pathway to encounter the wonder of the stars and embrace their own human light. As the night unfolds, these luminous orbs regenerate, rise, and reunite in the night sky, to shine brighter than ever before.

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