The 17th immersive multimedia experience in the Lumina Enchanted Night Walk Series and 2nd in the United States is now welcoming visitors.

Moment Factory and Fever present Astra Lumina, the latest experience in the Lumina Enchanted Night Walk Series.

Projections, lighting and an original soundscape transform the lush nature of South Coast Botanic Garden into an immersive storyworld where guests explore an illuminated, nocturnal pathway.

The experience is an invitation to discover the garden in a brand new light. In addition to the Astra Lumina multimedia installations, music and lighting highlight several emblematic sections of the garden, whether it’s a canopy, palm grove and desert garden.

What is Astra Lumina?

Astra Lumina invites stargazers to set off across the garden to take part in a phenomenal event: a visit from the stars. As the night unfolds, these luminous orbs regenerate, rise, and reunite in the night sky, to shine brighter than ever before.

This second Astra Lumina re-explores the universal theme of the stars, within the unique environment of the South Coast Botanic Garden. The bold new offering connects guests with nature, extends the garden’s operating hours and establishes new revenue-generating opportunities.

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