Moment Factory unveils ARcade, an innovative multiplayer experience presented for the first time in Montréal, thanks to a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, in collaboration with Ivanhoe Cambridge and the YMCA.

Inspired by iconic 80’s arcades, ARcade is a six-game immersive experience that combines motion detection and projection technologies and borrows from video game mechanics. Participants step into the heat of the action as they use their bodies to control the experience. No headsets or controllers required!

The ARcade experience is free and is part of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal’s “I love working downtown” economic recovery initiative, which aims to encourage workers to come back to the downtown core. It’s a unique opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues and strengthen team bonds in a fun and engaging environment.

A new generation of games from Moment Factory

ARcade is in line with Moment Factory’s vision to physically bring people together for a unique experience. The intention behind this idea is to offer a new way to play using multimedia technology and combining interactivity, innovation and human connection.

ARcade is the result of many years of experimentation and is a new form of entertainment, according to Moment Factory. The experience and its game console are easily adaptable and customizable and can be deployed in countless places, for all kinds of audiences!

ARcade is open until June 23, 2022, at the Montreal Eaton Centre. For more information and reservations, go to