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Dreamground created by Samsung


Global creative agency Wieden+Kennedy asked Moment Factory to collaborate on a unique brand experience to promote Samsung’s 5G technology.

Dreamground created by Samsung is a physical and digital wonderland enabled by 5G. The experience connects physical structures and video portals at Hollywood Park in Los Angeles and the company’s flagship store, Samsung 837, in New York City to a mobile app featuring original multimedia content and augmented reality. Equal parts dreamy, fun, and entertaining, this live AR experience offers people a safe way to play and create together in public spaces.

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At Hollywood Park, visitors can use their smartphones to open up immersive playgrounds around three sculptures. In Bubbloonland, pop art pipes pique curiosity as they hover in midair, enticing visitors to snap photos from surreal angles. Like a 3D Rorschach test, Fluttering Forest bursts into a mashup of colour and anamorphic illusions that resemble something different for everyone. In Crystal Galaxy, energy and astral magic collide to transport visitors to a realm where cosmic creatures hang frozen in time.

In each playground, visitors can create virtual elements and life-size doodles. These AR creations made possible by Media Monks can be shared across social channels along with interactive face filters. The integrated experience continues inside SoFi Stadium through 4K film on the 360-degree, double-sided giant Infinity Screen. With nearly 80 million pixels and the largest LED content playback system ever deployed, the circular display offers the ultimate springboard for collective play.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandre Bordereau | Alvaro Perez Del Solar | Basile Buisson | Benoît Giguère | Benoit Massé | Bronwyn Averett | Catherine Giroul | Catherine Grenier | Claude Tremblay | Daniel Schioler | David Noppen | David Richard | Dominique Charbonneau | Emmanuel Bastid | Filis Ann Ozkurdum | James Richardson | Jamie Reilly | Jean Laurin | Jean-François Bisson | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jessica Leroux | Jorge Garcia | Joshua Selinger | Julien Roberge | Karl Rhainds | Kristina Lulham | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Lena David | Lucy Rybicka | Lyes Belhocine | Marie-Ève Pageau | Maryse De Lottinville | Mathieu Desilets | Mathieu Monnier | Patrice Bilodeau | Patricia Tremblay | Patrick Bisson | Rachel Claude | Serge Tremblay | Stephane Raymond | Vincent Letellier