After months of confinement, the global tourism industry is awakening to a new era of regional travel. As local competition for domestic tourists increases, reinvention could be the key to recovery.

Moment Factory has developed a series of revenue-generating signature experiences that can help to rebuild regional tourism economies, increasing the appeal of natural, cultural and commercial sites. These proven solutions employ multimedia storytelling to future-proof a region’s placemaking strategy, leveraging existing assets to increase visitorship, drive consumer spending, and promote destinations.

Lumina Night Walks: Experience the outdoors like never before

The Lumina Night Walk Series transforms parks, zoos, botanical gardens and other natural sites into illuminated journeys, extending economic activity beyond sundown.

Aura: Take in a site’s heritage in a bold and profound way

The Aura Series transforms heritage sites into canvases for meaningful multimedia experiences, celebrating the historical, cultural and architectural integrity of the world’s most precious venues.

Wonderbox: Enter a dreamworld of multi-sensory experiences

Wonderbox is a new artainment format that brings multimedia dreamworlds to commercial spaces. This permanent, flexible, turnkey solution amplifies the innovative footprint of retail spaces, shopping districts, exhibition spaces, and more.

These award-winning attractions elevate regions to globally-renowned destinations and have the potential to safely welcome tourists in as early as the next six months. Together, let’s rebuild local & regional tourism!