Scenography what?

Scenography, defined by the ever trusty google as “the design and painting of theatrical scenery” is the closest word we could find to define the wonders that our Scenography department does. O ur theatre, can be anything from a stage to the great outdoors, so when we design our scenery we need to be creative. Essentially we create a canvass and seamlessly integrate our multimedia technology ­ all while maintaining the integrity of the location.

How high can you dream?

Over the years, our scenography department organically developed and is now composed of a team of 30. The people in this department have the greatest variety of talents and is ever growing as we dream of creating on water, buildings and trees and the scenographers match these dreams with technical solutions and add their expertise with innovative materials to take ideas to the next level.

Choosing the right tools for the job

Can you imagine what’s in our toolbox? When the creation process is as creative as the content there is no one way to create. Imagine this: to design the space for the Illuminated Night Walks, our scenography team first visited the site and did some tests for inspiration. Then, they used the tools they were most comfortable with; from ipads to paper to computers to prototypes ­ you name it!

If you’re the type of person who sees the city as “canvasses” ripe for projection, then take a look at our projects, we’re always looking for bright new minds to join the team!

Learn more on our illuminated night walks here.