Moment Factory is proud to have collaborated with the Changi Airport Group to design and implement two brand new architectural media installations: the Immersive Wall and Peranakan Love Story. Aiming to totally transform the experience of travel, these new immersive features are the cornerstones of Changi Terminal 4’s “Theatre of Experience”.

The Immersive Wall creates a totally new kind of security area, where epic content on a 10K LED screen transports travelers before they’ve even passed through the scanner. Throughout the day, a variety of compelling ambient stories evolve in constant succession. From a fantastical trip behind the scenes of a Rube Goldberg style baggage carousel, to picturesque landscapes of landmark destinations, or a virtual bas-relief sculpture, the Immersive Wall transforms the security zone with an engaging and entertaining atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Peranakan Love Story brings traditional Singaporean shop house façades to life at the heart of the airport’s Heritage Zone. Like an immersive short film combining physical and digital elements, visitors encounter a charming cinematic moment seamlessly integrated into the historic Peranakan shop house architecture. Celebrating local traditions and culture, the story of two families’ union through marriage accompanies travelers as they shop or get something to eat. A collaboration with the multitalented Singapore artist Dick Lee, this musical journey is sure to delight locals and tourists alike.

Given the importance of Singapore and Changi Airport’s status as a model travel hub for Asia and the world, we’re thrilled to be part of this celebration of iconic local, regional and international culture. We hope travelers find themselves immersed in the sense of place and the feelings of possibility that inspired us in Singapore, and enjoy the magic of travel in a whole new way.

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