Did you know that the magnetic field of your heart is 5,000x more powerful than your brain’s? A few days ago at C2 Montreal, Creative Director Mareike Lenhart shared her experiences of connected leadership, and explained how tapping into the intelligence of the heart can elevate the potential of an entire team.

In her workshop, C2 conference goers had a chance to reflect on their working relationships: with themselves, with each other, and with the larger world around them.

Encouraging strong connections and setting the stage for playful interactions is an important part of what Mareike does in her work at Moment Factory. Drawing from her professional experiences, in this workshop, she encouraged participants to tap into their deeper selves–and their vulnerabilities–in order to embrace a more intuitive leadership style. This mindset shift is a key factor in getting team members to enter into a state of play.

Through several exercises, she showed that vulnerability can lead to strength, and that play is not the opposite of productivity, but rather a fundamental part of boundary-pushing work! No matter the industry or field, nurturing a network of thriving people reveals endless opportunity for growth, creativity, and innovation.

Known as “the most forward-thinking business event in the world,” we were thrilled to have front-row seats to all the action at C2, and to experience events like Mareike’s workshop, that showed the explosive innovation happening at the intersection of commerce and creativity.