Committed to collaboration with our new Mile-Ex neighbours, Moment Factory has created a mentorship program for design students in collaboration with the University of Montréal, celebrating the inauguration of their new MIL campus.

This initiative is part of a broader mission of knowledge transmission, a priority at Moment Factory. Seven students from the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Environmental Design have been selected and divided into three teams, each of which will create part of an animated mural to be projected on-campus, each night of inauguration week.

This collective creation, composed of three video “capsules”, was facilitated by many weeks of coaching from a group of Moment Factory employees, supported by the MF School program, who also lent a hand in the ideation and production of the project. The students had the opportunity to learn how to explore different narrative approaches adapted to different audiences and contexts while maximising the potential of their work in the context of large scale projects.

The animated mural was unveiled during the citizens’ celebration organised by the University of Montreal and the City of Montréal on September 21st 2019. Except in the event of rain, it will be looping every night from 7pm to 1am. Check it out until Sunday the 29th of September.

MF School

In 2018, we initiated MF School, an internal training program with the mission to continuously develop our talents through knowledge sharing and new skills training. We are developing training programs and certifications unique to Moment Factory thanks to partnerships with education and training specialists.